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White or Granary Toast Bloomer£2.25
Generous Two Slices served with Butter and a selection of conserves to choose from.
Soup of The Day £3.50
Served with Freshly Baked Roll.
Please Enquire About Today's Choice

Traditional Italian Panini

Served with Nachos and your choice of filling.
Inferno Salami & Smoked Cheese£4.10
Filled with a fiery combination of smoked cheese, spicy salami and a splash of tabasco, the inferno will ingnite your appetite.
Smoked Ham & Cheese£4.10
Filled with a delicious blend of smoked hame & cheese.
Mozzarella, Pesto & Sunkissed Tomatoes£4.10
A wonderful combination of mazzarella, pesto and sunkissed tomatoes.

Hot Dogs

The Nations favourite hot dog served in an American Roll with the option of crispy onions and jalapeño peppers.
Westlers Smoked Beechwood 11″£3.50


NachosRegular £3.00 or Large £4.95
Tray of tortilla chips with a cheese or salsa dip plus jalapeño peppers.
Sahara NutsSmall £2.00 or Large £3.00
Delicious and utterly moreish, Sahara Nuts are tasty crunchy coated nuts served hot and fresh coating with a sweet chilli flavour.

The Gwyn Hall Tea Experience

{f13}Gwyn Hall House Tea
A full bodied, no-nonsense tea, easy drink at any time of the day. Traditionally Served in a teapot for one.
Speciality Teas£1.90
A selection of speciality teas are available please enquire with your server.
Welsh Cakes (Each)£0.65
Two Welsh Cakes£1.00
Toasted Tea Cake£1.50
Served with butter and a selection of conserves to choose from.

Cake Selection

Buttercream Jam Sponge£2.50
Our soft Victoria sponge with generous filling of buttercream and raspberry jam.
Carrot Cake£2.50
Multi-award winning carrot cake topped with delicious cream cheese and lemon icing.
Classic Chocolate Brownie£2.50
A classic all-butter brownie made with lots of chocolate, slow cooked to create it's creamy but genuinely chocolatey texture.
Lemon Drizzle£2.50
All butter sponge with lemon oil and lemon curd finished with crunchy sugar pearls and a drizzle of lemon icing.
Honeycomb Tiffin£2.50
Crushed digestive biscuits, toffee pieces and honeycomb, bound together in a milk chocolate toffee fudge mixture, topped with milk chocolate and sprinkled with honeyhcomb and toffee pieces.

Hot Beverages

Espresso with steamed, frothy milk and a generous chocolate dusting. Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.
Cafe Latte£2.20
An Italian classic simply made with espresso and hot milk, simply delicious and creamy.
Espresso coffee with foamy steamed milk and chocolate syrup.
Hot Chocolate£2.20
Luxurious Hot Chocolate£2.50
A Smooth Luxurious rich tasting hot chocolate topped with either cream or marshmallows
A smooth Black coffee that mixes a shot of espresso with hot water, add milk to your liking.
Intense in taste but small in stature topped with a head of golden brown cream.
Flavour Shots£0.30