Rhythm Of The Dance

Rhythm Of The Dance

31 Jul 2022


Rhythmof the Dance has brought audiences around the world to their feet for ever 20years and we are delighted to announce that we will be returning in 2021 with abrand new production.

Rootedin Ireland's rich culture and heritage, our new show takes a differentperspective on all things Irish. Featuring world class live musicians,vocalists and champion dancers, the show will be a completely immersiveexperience.

Join uson a journey through Ireland's history from the ancient, rich in legend andmyth, to the modern, urban Ireland that we see today, bursting at the seams,

nowmore than ever with talent.

Rhythmof the Dance 21 will be an array of everything Irish dance has evolved into,from its roots in 'Sean Nos' (meaning old-style), to the militant, clean,modern style we see on stage today.Withlyrical and contemporary influences, it will be Irish in essence, with a newedge and promises to be an exploration of how far we can push the boundaries ofIrish dance.

Tickets £27.50

Covid Safety Measures Update

In line with recent Welsh Government guidance, we will require customers aged18 and over attending film screenings and live events from 15 November 2021 to show a valid NHS Covid Pass or proof of a recent negative valid Covid test result.


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GH Standard: £27.50
Adult: £27.50
Suitable For
Gwyn Hall Building

Gwyn Hall


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