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Our capacity has been reduced to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.
Please visit our website for up to date venue opening times using the link below.
We are now offering tables for up to 4 people with a maximum stay of 2 hours.We want to reassure our customers that we have put enhanced hygiene procedures into place to protect you and our staff.
Please follow the signage at the venue to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience on your visit.


With their distinctive beechwood smoked flavour, they are the number one choice for all hot dog lovers.

If there is one thing Westlers know about it’s hot dogs! Hot dogs have always been a staple part of the food offering at any Cinema. The fact that they are great tasting, combined with their ability to be eaten on the go, make sure of that

Nacho Chips

Instead of using corn flour,  we gently cook and ground our corn into mass (corn dough) prior to being shaped into triangles. This process captures the natural corn taste that gives Supreme nachos their traditional and distinctive flavour.


All Natural Popcorn is made with skill and passion. We only use the finest natural ingredients. Honest, considerable, safe and with respect for people and the environment. Our popcorn has a unique crunch and texture, making irresistibly delicious.

Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie Sugar Free range has been created to offer consumers a great tasting Slush Puppie that’s bursting with fun, flavour, and colours but without the sugar and best of all it’s only 19kcal per 100ml serving – making it the finest low calorie ice crystal drink available today


Using select ingredients of the highest quality, Joe’s remains an ice cream of finesse. We experiment with our aromas, offering a blend of Welsh and Italian fancy flavours to our loyal Joe’s following, but our ingredients will always retain the Joe’s stamp of quality.

That’s what makes Joe’s ice cream JOE’S. After all…Everything else is just ice cream!`

We also have an assortment of soft drinks available in a range of sizes to suit everyone